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Visualize, analyze and explore databases from a simple question

All of it without any technical skills

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How does it work ?

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Clarification of your question

We simulate the conversation that you could have with your Data Analyst. We can give you the most precise answers.
Human-like chat experiences
Customized for your company
Constant learning


Extract, Visualize, Analyze

We are not only providing a result but we are also trying to facilitate your understanding of it through visualizations.
Never store any of your data
Together with your insights
Most adapted visualization


Chat with your analytics

Use this first response to generate dozens of others. You will find what you’re looking for: actionable insights.
Modify your chart with the chat
Explore your analytics
Save and share your discoveries

Vazy is tailored for your team

Vazy is designed to fit the needs of numerous people in your company. We want to make the life of data teams easier by giving a tool that can make non-tech savy employees more autonomous. 

Secured by design

Data privacy is always at the center of what we do at Vazy. We apply best practices to guarantee optimal security.
- No storage of your data
- No data send to closed-source LLM
- End-To-End Encryption
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Available on your internal tools

Integrating Vazy in your workflow has never been so easy.
We integrate with all the tools used by your company
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Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Slack, right in the app.
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Microsoft Teams

Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with  Teams, right in the app.
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Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Snowflake, right in the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference with ChatGPT ?

With ChatGPT you would need to do all of this by yourself:

Know and give as a prompt all of the metadata of your database (hoping the columns names are logical with their meanings).

Select the few columns useful for your question. Trying to run the SQL query generate by ChatGPT, re-loop it if not working.

Extract data from your database and visualize it using another tool.

• While also hoping that your question was not ambiguous or biased from the start.

Vazy lets you focus on the interpretation of your data by handling all of those tasks, in less than 30 sec.

Is my data secure ? (in short, yes)

The security of Vazy’s systems and data of our customers is of utmost importance to us.  

We follow the industry's best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems and data.

Some key information:

We don’t need to see what’s inside the database. We only need the metadata of the database or a data catalogue.

We never see or store any of your answers.

• We only have read-only access to your database.

You can manage all of this through your admin panel.

How does the onboarding work ?

To make Vazy work, we need only two information:

A data catalog (we can generate it for you, free of charge): containing the database metadata, i.e. tables, columns and descriptions.

Context about your company: if you use particular abbreviations, we need to feed this information into the model. We can help you with this too.

You can self-onboard or contact our team to help you.